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What our clients say

"Its refreshing to have a new law firm on the scene which is challenging the more formal companies. I found Acumen very friendly, professional and thorough in my first dealings with them."

Nigel Pamplin

Prime Education


"I have had need of Josh's and Acumen's services over the past couple of years, but fortunately I couldn't be in better hands. I couldn't give a stronger recommendation."

Jonathan Glendenning

Summer Rain Films Ltd


"Tegen Ltd has used Penina’s services for a number of our businesses legal requirements. We thoroughly recommend the services and advice that she and her team provide."

Richard Smith

Tegen Ltd


"...Acumen has proven to be an essential and trusted partner for the last 4 years. Through their advice, assistance and top quality work has consistently delivered excellent ROI..."

Robin Scott



"I have used ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW on many occasions since switching to them. They’re a real breath of fresh air and they get the job done. I just wish I had come across them beforehand."

Joakim Roth

Light Foot LED


"We have used ACUMEN BUSINESS LAW and have been absolutely delighted with the level of understanding of our business that they have..."

Jon Clayson

Hunters Letting Limited


"...we have used Acumen Business Law several times, not once have they failed to deliver the right result. Highly recommended."

Kevin Byrne




Just when you thought you've seen it all…
African drummers, acrobats, food, wine, balloons falling from the sky, prizes, an ice sculpture, an inspirational line-up of international speakers, legal workshops and over 200 CEOs to network with - it can only be the ACUMEN BUSINESS CONVENTION 2015!Blog
Penina's Perspective on Legal vehicles to collaborate with strategic partners
Teaming up with strategic partners is a fantastic way to grow your business. But which of the many legal vehicles is the best to use for your collaboration? Watch this 4 minute video to find out and start your journey on the road to success!Blog
Penina's Perspective on how to minimise bad debt
Write offs should be extremely rare! Your hard earned cash which is undisputed, should not be written off. Watch this 3 minute video to see what you can do to bring bad debt down to a minimum.Blog
Penina’s Perspective on Freelancers Vs Employees
How would you feel if your freelancers were entitled to paid holidays, sick pay, minimum wage and such other employment law rights? In some cases, freelancers could be legally held to be your employees! Watch this 3 minute video to find out how your business can avoid such a predicament.Blog
Penina’s Perspective on Your Business’ Terms & Conditions
Every interaction with your client is a contract, whether written or not. What should you think about when drafting your Terms? What is the best protection you can provide your business? Watch this 3 minute Penina’s Perspective to find out.Blog
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